Project Management Skill

Project Management Skill



We help project developers with high quality, flexible, and innovative solutions on bringing project cargo from around the world into various destinations—on time and within budget.

Our photo gallery is evidence of our track record in this area which is strengthened by the commitment of our people to plan with precision and execute with determination when moving large-volume and oversized cargo.
In summary, our project logistics services include:

  • Engineering, Procedures & Planning by a team of expert engineers and surveyors to ensure that every technical, safety, environmental, and operational aspect has been covered prior to the move taking place, including route and port surveys.
  • Vessel & Heavy Lift Crane Chartering that is sourced during the planning stages to ensure optimal equipment and manpower are available during the operation.
  • Loading and Unloading by a team who have an intimate knowledge of the planned requirements to ensure the safety of the cargo and personnel during the move.
  • Installation Mobilization and Demobilization covering both onshore and offshore installations.