RORO and Heavy Machineries

RORO and Heavy Machineries



Oversized and special cargoes are commonly transported using Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) services, and it is the safest and most cost effective way to ship these cargoes. Worldwide services of this nature generally specialize in the transportation of self-propelled wheeled and track vehicles. Ro/Ro is tailored for the movement of automobiles, trucks, boats on trailers, and self propelled heavy machinery and construction equipment. CGS utilizes the most reliable and experienced carriers to focus on the movements of crawler cranes, excavators, dozers, Crushers, Trucks and other specialized equipment for the equipment trading industry.

>    Machines often move as one piece, making for less physical handling and eliminating the need for costly dismantling and reassembly

>    By virtue of Ro/Ro vessel design, there is no exposure to water or the elements since the machine is stowed “under deck.”

We have regular RORO service from Singapore, China, Europe to Africa, Baltimore, Chillen ports, Persian Gulf, Australia, Europe and vice versa..

CGS is one of only a few project forwarders specialising in the international movement of heavy machinery. In fact, moving heavy machinery across the world is all we do, shipping new and used mining machinery, construction equipment , earthmoving machines, exploration and drilling equipment and agricultural machinery. Whether you are shipping a new or used Caterpillar dozer, a Hitachi excavator, a Komatsu dump truck or a Tadano crane, our very experienced Staff knows exactly what is required to transport your heavy equipment in the safest and most economical shipping configuration.
we maintain an extensive technical database with machinery specifications of nearly all major earthmoving, construction and mining plant and equipment. When you choose Carriage Global (s) pte ltd, we not only can ship your unit / machinery, we can also provide temporary storage facility, repair and maintenance facility (including paint job, engine overhaul, washing, replacement of parts, servicing etc) by professionals. We are also specialized in dismantling and stuffing machineries in containers and also provide lashing / unlashing services.

We at Carriage Global (s) pte ltd provide the following special services to meet the various requirements of customers worldwide.

  • Professional equipment cleaning / washing
  • Equipment disassembly and assembly
  • Repairs such as painting, replacing batteries, starters, parts, pump servicing, fixing oil leakage problems and many more.
  • Loading & lashing is handled by experienced professionals, who understand loading points & weight distribution. You can be confident your precious plant or machinery will not move unduly during transport
  • Packing / stuffing

Note :- we are regularly handling transhipment in singapore from australia to West and east coast of india, PG,South and west africa.

Specialise In Moving:- compactors, excavators, dozers, cranes, Dump trucks as huge as Cat777, Wheel skidders, motor graders, pipelayers, loaders, crawlers etc etc…